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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Eleven Plus Mugging

If you could give an eleven plus child the same question as he and she would meet in the GCSE examination – then it would be possible to compare like for like. The chance of this happening is approaching as more and more authorities move towards questions that require thought and application. We could look at a type of question that a bright ten year old could answer – as well as a sixteen year old.

We all know that robbery involves the use of threat or force. Mugging is the robbery of personal property following a sudden attack in the open where the attacker and the victim do not know each other.

Places where Muggings happen:
Streets 81%
Parks 10%
Other Places 9%

The Time of day when Muggings take place
Midday to 6 pm 24%
6 pm to midnight 53%
Midnight to 6 am 18%
6 am to midday 5%

When is the safest time of day to go for a walk in the park?

Should children be allowed out, on their own, between 6 pm and midnight?

Using this broad canvas it should be possible to build a structure of multiple choice alternatives that could challenge the best and the brightest. Parents of children in some authorities in Year 5 and in other authorities in Year 4 beware! It is coming to an eleven plus paper near you!