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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hercules and the Eleven Plus

Do you remember the story of Hercules cleaning King Augeas'stables? Hercules drove a river though the stables and cleaned them in a day. Every now and then passing the eleven plus could seem to a task of unending proportions.  Perhaps a little game could help.

Gather the family together. If possible add a favourite relation of two. Collect the necessary supplies – paper, pencils and a dice. Sit your family around the table – with a sheet of paper in the middle. Mark a grid onto the paper.

The first player, hopefully the eleven plus candidate, throws the dice and thinks of a word with the same number of letters as shown on the dice. The word is written either horizontally or vertically.

The second player throws the dice and adds another word which connects with the first. By now your astute relation will yell: “This is just like scrabble!”

Each letter is worth a point. If a player cannot add a word to the grid he or she loses a point. You hope that the game has become quite complex by the time the candidate has a second chance.







If player three, for example, had thrown a three then the score would be four – with a point for the `O’ as well as the `P’, the `E’ and the `N’.

The combination of the game can be endless – with words to be taken only from mathematics, or only from the kitchen or the garden or wherever!