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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Eleven Plus Emotional Adjustment Guide

You notice that your child appears to be eager to `hit the eleven plus books’. You start to worry. It is the duty of all eleven plus parents to worry about everything. Eleven plus parents worry about their child passing the examination, but they also worry about every single minute detail.

You ask your respective friends for help. They all seem to praise the `Eleven Plus Emotional Adjustment Guide’. Parents in the know call this the: `EPEAG’. The guide covers questions for your child to answer and questions for you to ponder.  You may even share some answers!

Not Sure
Are you as good as most other people?

Do you feel guilty about eleven plus work?

Do you think of yourself as a failure?

Do you keep calm when the going gets tough?

Are you pretty confident about your life and work?

Do you get blamed when it is not your fault?

Can you do most eleven plus work?

Do you often argue?

Are you a happy person?

Do people around you like you?

Do you read a lot?

Are you easily embarrassed?

There are only twelve questions in the preliminary assessment. You may wish to add a wider and more interrogative set of questions to cover the particular circumstances of your family.