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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fitness and the Eleven Plus

The Surrey Human Performance Institute tests people in a rather different manner to that used by eleven plus children. They have a variety of tests – and people can choose their own test and their own level of co-operation.

One of the tests is called the Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET) – this covers a breath analysis test, a full ECG and regular blood pressure measurements tests.

Think of your eleven plus child – you would have a full health and fitness screen. You would know if your child was really tired after school – and whether you need to encourage your child to join you in walking the dog.

There is a test of Dynamic Strength – which looks at maximal force production at a range of joints.

Parents could use the results of the strength to see if their child really does need to slouch while working on eleven plus papers. After all a series of eleven plus papers on one day must put some form of a strain on the young human body.

There is also a Strength and Condition Consultation. Does your child really need to be fitter? Will your child be fitter than many other eleven plus children?

If your child is applying for a grammar school that specialises in sport – is there any way that the results of the CPET could count favourably towards eleven plus results? Surely a fit and healthy eleven plus child is potentially a sound asset to a school?