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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Cabbage and the Eleven Plus

We possible think about the sentiments of Jacob Moleschott at least once a week. Some of us may heed his words once a day! It is, however, very important to know that Jacob Moleschott was a philosopher and a physiologist and he lost his job after some of his suggestions.

“Man is what he eats.”

Of course you know that your eleven plus child needs the three fuels of air, food and water. There is no room in this list for the fuel of: `excessive eleven plus study’. Do you remember the research that found that a maid dusting a professor’s room expended more energy in five minutes than her employer did in an hour of concentrated study? Memo: Some snacks in the middle of eleven plus work are wholesome – many snacks signal boredom and a desire to escape from work!

There are also the warnings of an eminent doctor Sir BruceBruce-Porter who maintained: “Those who are so busy that they are unable to make time to eat properly always have the time to die, and this they invariably do prematurely.”

And so we come to cabbage. Cabbage is supposed to be able to detoxify the stomach. Eating cabbage is also supposed to help the workings of the upper colon and of digestion in general. Before starting on an eleven plus exercise some parents may care to consider the value of the “Eleven Plus System Smoother”.

175 g of carrot
250 g of apple
125 g of cabbage

Juice the ingredients and serve.

As your child works though an exercise reflect on: “An eleven plus child is what he or she eats.” Continue with: “Make time to eat the right sorts of food.” End with an exhortation to your child to tidy the eleven plus arena, put the eleven plus books away, carry the smoother glass into the kitchen and place it in the sink. Remind your child to turn to you with a smile and say: “Thank you for helping me with my eleven plus work.”