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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Eleven Plus Numbers

Could there ever be a case for allowing eleven plus children the time to play with numbers? To some parents and children the eleven plus has the potential to become a serious endeavour and quest. The eleven plus HAS to be passed. We can count ourselves lucky that not all children, with enough ability to pass the examination, want or need to pass.

A considerable part of the eleven plus is dealing with numbers. Some areas are even looking into a `new’ style of test where children are tested on Numerical Reasoning. Understanding and manipulating numbers plays a large part in being able to cope with certain types of numerical reasoning questions. Children sometimes have to organise numbers into groups or sets. If the question is asking, for example, about the number of buttons on a shirt – then the candidate may possibly draw on his or her knowledge of shirts and organise the buttons and shirts into groups or sets.

The eleven plus child may find it hard, however, to organise all the shirts he or she has ever owned. Should there be a set of all the two year old shirts, or all the school shirts or even the shirts only worn on holidays? Somewhere along the line, we hope, the eager candidate’s thoughts may return from an idyllic holiday on the beach and return to the question in hand.

If a far- away look enters the eye – and the attention seems to wander – then your son or daughter may be wondering where this year’s summer holiday will take place.

We then need to think: Should we include only white school shirts worn in Year 5 or all the shirts work in Year 5? Each attribute defines a set. Would it complicate the issue if we said all the shirts worn in the year and especially the white school shirts?

We now come to the question.

A child’s wardrobe contained 5 white shirts, 4 red shirts and 6 blue shirts. What is the chance of picking the following?

A white shirt from the full wardrobe
A red shirt from the full wardrobe
A blue shirt - once one red and one white shirt had been removed?

During the process of solving the question your child may ask you when the family are going on holiday again!