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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eleven Plus Winners

Do some eleven plus parents sometimes hope for some form of intervention to help their eleven plus candidate suddenly acquire the necessary work ethic to be able to pass the eleven plus? The Ancient Greeks may also have been faced by a similar mixture of hope and dreams.

The term `Deus ex machina’ was used to describe the `the god from the machine’; this was a mechanical device in Greek drama that was lowered onto the stage. The god represented the intervention to provide a solution to the dramatic conflict.

We know that today the term is often used to mean an agency that comes to the rescue. Every effort is then made sort the problem out. The good thing for eleven plus parents is that the application of `Deus ex machina’ does not usually require logic or common sense. `If it seems right then it must be right.’

The `Deus ex machina’ can be used by needy eleven plus parents to resolve a situation. Once a parent is being out argued and out witted by their eleven plus candidate then the big guns of the unexpected can be brought to bear. Is this fair? Of course not but the eleven plus is the eleven plus and there can be no holds barred. Winning, to some is all!

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