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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Year of the Snake and the Eleven Plus

The Chinese have a wonderful celebration at the Chinese New Year with fireworks to celebrate renewal and to ward off evil spirits. The celebration is a traditional part of China’s family day.

The parade in London today was noisy and full of action. In spite of the rain crowds lined the streets to watch the action. China Town itself was heaving with Chinese and other visitors. We watched it right beside Trafalgar Square.

There were stalls selling little gifts. I did not notice any books or papers. Even when we entered a few super markets we could not find any eleven plus books. Perhaps the books and papers were hidden during the celebration!

We all need a break from the eleven plus at times and the Year of the Snake offers a wonderful opportunity. The Year of the Snake revolves around steady progress and attention to detail. The Eleven Plus demands steady progress and attention to detail. This could be a very lucky year for many eleven plus children!