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Friday, April 19, 2013

Eleven Plus Colours

I have always liked the story of Mr Cheskin of the Colour Research Institute who was very involved with colour and how things looked.

He was asked to design two boxes for a sweet manufacturer. One of the boxes was to cost £1.99 and the other £3.50. He came up with the conclusion that the box for the £1.99 sweets should cost 50p while the box for the £3.50 sweets need only cost 9p.

He gave the reason that the person buying the £1.99 sweets may not have bought as many sweets as the person buying the £3.50 sweets. The person with the £1.99 sweets may feel that the sweets were important. It is possible that this box may be kept as a keepsake and valued.

The person with the £3.50 box would simply throw the box away – because it was the sweets that counted.

Is there a parallel in the eleven plus market?

Do children storing their eleven plus work in fancy files value their work more than those who keep their lessons in a plain old files?

Do children work better with a battery of three or four sharp pencils or is the stub of a pencil just a good?

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