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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eleven Plus Consequences

What do eleven plus children need? This is a bit of problem to try to solve. We know that children are remarkably dependent on their parents. They need, at the very least, food, shelter, warmth, emotional stability, and social contact.

If we look at these needs it is remarkably easy for a mother or father to be able to justify the kindly words: “Now go to your room and study.”

In the room the candidate will, no doubt, find a desk and a chair. There will be eleven plus books and papers, access to a computer to work on on-line tasks, a bottle of water and, possibly, even a little packet of nibbles to keep the hunger away.

Eleven plus children also need to have the physical and mental ability to be able to attempt an eleven plus paper. Successful eleven plus children will also thrive on a diet of positive feedback. If the table, however, is too high or too low then the act of working on an eleven plus exercise may be painful and tiring. If the chair has a wobbly wheel then the child may feel distracted.

There are also other factors which may, possibly, be essential to an eleven plus child. This is the desire of others in the class to pass the eleven plus. If the school wants eleven plus passes this too will play a large part in the child’s potential success. The effectiveness of playground chatter can-not be dismissed. Just how many children have passed the eleven plus after their parents have heard good ideas in the playground?

Naturally there will be a call from some parents to add a parenthetical comment. It may prove to be crucial.

“If you are not prepared to do the work NOW, then you must be sure you can face the consequences.”

(Those words may help to encourage the candidate to do that little bit extra!)

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