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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eleven Plus Fortifications

There is a powerful word in the vocabulary of many eleven plus parents: “Fortification!”

From the earliest times fortification has been used in warfare. It is likely that earthworks and palisades were among the earliest forms. Later on stone was used and citadels were built as fortification.

The Romans, for example, built Hadrian’s Wall to keep the marauding tribes from England and Scotland from fighting each other.

During the Middle Ages walls were built around many towns in England but along came gun powder which had the ability to knock down walls. In the Nineteenth Century fortification was attempted around some towns by building a ring of detached and hidden forts. Naturally there will also be some who will comment on the role of the sea in providing fortification against the enemy.

But how will some parents fortify themselves against the pleas of their eleven plus children?

“But mother, you can tie me up with barbed wire but I am not going to do another paper.”

“No mum, there are too many barriers for me to surmount. I am not doing this exercise on codes again. Please take pity.”

“I would rather jump into the moat than do any more maths today.”

“If we are going to live in France, I won’t need to do any more eleven plus work.”

“But mum, we have won the lottery. I will never need to work. Think on it, mum.”

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