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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Eleven Plus Jokes

Do you remember the story about the Irish Tourist who wanted to visit America in early 2012? Leigh Van Bryan tweeted that he was going to `destroy America’. When he landed in the United States he was detained by the authorities and subsequently deported.

Some Americans, it seems, did not realise that the words `destroy America’ referred to having fun on his holiday.

It looks as if elements of social media, of some individuals, are examined by the American authorities.

If your child tweets you from her Blackberry to say that she is going to `destroy a VR paper’, does it mean that the family will be detained on their way to Disneyland?

Suppose your son lets you know that he is in a killing mood and wants to tackle his eleven plus work, will he be arrested when he arrives in New York to start his Christmas shopping? “Mum I want to kill this paper before I go to bed.”

Will I be arrested outside the American Embassy for including the words `destroy’ and `kill’ in this blog?

Many of us use social media to form opinions about the eleven plus. There are forums, blogs, twitter accounts and pages of comment. Sometimes it may seem difficult to the unwary to be able to separate fact from fiction. Some people worry about committing themselves to social media platforms. They are afraid that they will cross boundaries about using social media safely and lawfully.

Any further `jokes’ will, however, be gratefully received.

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