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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

An Eleven Plus Play

Scene Three


It is Tuesday afternoon. The gang are playing football. Everyone is on holiday. The park is full – even though the wind is biting. George decides to leave.

Mary: George is leaving early again. I wonder where he is going.

Evan: Work, I expect.

Eve: What do you mean work? He is only just ten years old!

Evan: Don’t be silly. You know what I mean.

Eve: Of course, silly! He is going to do his eleven plus work.

Mary: I wonder why he is working over the school holidays.

Evan. His dad bribed him.


The children follow George to his house. George goes inside. The children, waiting outside, see a light go on. They see George sit down. No-one inside the house speaks to George.

Eve: Has he started work all ready?

Evan: Well he was on a course today so I expect he has work to finish before tomorrow.

Eve: He is so keen isn’t he?

Mary (Quick as a flash.) Do you mean keen or do you mean keen?

Eve: (Laughs) The second one. You have always fancied him, haven’t you?

Evan: Stop it you two.

Eve: Do you mean two or too?

Evan: I can never win can I?

Mary and Eve (Together) No hope!

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