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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eleven Plus Blogs

I should imagine that that some of you have children who are already writing their personal eleven plus blogs. If your child is still thinking about writing a blog then you may care to help with a little background to blogging.

A blog is a website that has software that enables almost anyone to make frequent updates. The content is usually presented in date order.

A key word in blogging is blogapathy – because this is when you, or your child, become apathetic about posting to a blog.

Another important term is blogstipation – because this blog writers bloc. Sometimes it is caused by not being able to find something to talk about – and sometimes blogstipation is caused by too much blogging.

So with this as background we can now start developing our own blog language and vocabulary.

Top of the list must be `blogseleven’. This is an accumulation of bogs about the eleven plus. Some blogseleven will be serious, others will flow from the heart and others will be drawn from the depths of despair.

A `blogverb’ is the ability to think up new ways to test verbal reasoning. This is essential. Imagine another fifty years of measuring ability by virtue of the skill in finding two words that are in the wrong order: “Some pointless reasoning questions seem verbal.”

A `blognon’ is a blog where there are no words. There are just pictures, patterns and lots of shapes to rotate and transform. Some ten years old can cope with a blognon quicker that his or her parents.

Finally we meet the term `blogversation’. This is when parents forget to have any conversation with their eleven plus child other than reminding them about the importance of the eleven plus. “The honour of the family is in your hands.”

If you do `get into your blog’ you are very welcome to link to this site. To have a blog link is one of the most important things that can happen in the life of a blogger. If you want your children to have happy lives try to find them some links.

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