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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Tips for the Eleven Plus

We are often asked about hot tips for the 11 Plus examinations. Two key areas spring to mind immediately – working through papers and reading.


Naturally doing a variety of eleven plus selection papers must help your son or daughter. It is also important to have some one to explain any problem areas. You will have watched your child working very happily on a section – and then meet something unfamiliar – and then everything slows down.


We have started a blog about `Bindon and Bertie’ by the author Magnus McLeod. Parents often ask about what sort of books should be read by children at the eleven plus stage. The blog is presented by the author on our web site. Magnus explains how the plot builds and his reasons for the development and presentation of the story.

We are obviously trying to stimulate children to read – but want to try to help our eleven plus children to feel that reading is more than writing a review or turning over pages. The Bindon and Bertie blog invites comments from children and tries to stimulate discussion.

This is how the author saw the development of the story.

Section 1

In this scene Pandora is persuaded to allow Tilly and the boys to visit strangers in Guernsey. There is information here about all the characters, with clues about the future.

Section 2

In this scene the reader finds out why the killer was waiting. The reader also finds out a great deal about Tilly - some things easy to understand, others more difficult.

The reader also learns about Wilson, her bodyguard, who reveals more about Tilly.

Section 3

Here the kidnap plan is developed and more details revealed. Again, some clues are given which will be picked up later."

To add a comment to the site you simply sign in with a secure Google account. Naturally a Google account ensures as much privacy and security as possible.

This type of interaction through blogging represents a new departure for all of us in Etc. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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