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Friday, June 29, 2007

So Sad.

I drove to our centre in Beckenham from Gravesend this afternoon. I had been aware of the deaths of young people over the past few days – but had no idea where the killings had taken place.

I came around a corner and saw a number of people standing in front of a bank of flowers. I realised at once why the flowers and people were there. To my horror a few yards further on there was another bank of flowers.

Another poor child.

I do not know much about what happened and what triggered the violence but my heart goes out to the youngster involved. How sad.

I feel very sorry for the parents and relatives too. To have a loved one taken away must be devastating.

I also feel for the teachers and head teacher of the school involved.

I mentioned the flowers to one of our pupils. He told me that he was at school with one of the boys. He said that he had heard that the fight was about attending a party. Some boys had been refused admission to a party – and had tried to gatecrash the event.

I just hope all the families of our communities are kept safe from violence of this kind.

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