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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eleven Plus Children Fingerprinted!

The need for `end point’ security is growing within the narrow world of the eleven plus. It has become a growing concern to more and more parents that stories about `proxy’ children winning places for less able candidates are true. Well off parents are paying for look alike eleven plus children. The actual transaction is simple.

The `proxy’ child submits a photo and a c.v. to the central website `’. Parents upload their child’s particulars to the site including a photo and their own child’s c.v.

Key elements on both c.v.’s are SATs results from previous years. A minimum requirement of a `proxy’ child is to have passed Level 2 in Reception, Level 3 in Year 1, Level 4 in Year 2 and Level 5 in Year 3. This will have left the proxy pupil time to do a certified one thousand two hundred and thirty four 11+ papers with an average of over 92%.

The `’ software looks first of all for gender. It matches girls to girls and boys to boys. The next match is made on size. If a six foot eight `proxy’ candidate wandered into an eleven plus examination then suspicions would be raised. The computer then looks for other physical similarities including colour of eyes.

Once the match has been made all parents have to do is to supply the time and day of the examination. The computer will know what the eleven plus syllabus is and will brief the `proxy’ student. The parent hands over a large amount of money. Job done. No stress. Money back guarantee. Place in a Grammar School a cinch.

Thankfully Local Authorities are aware of this new trend. Eleven plus children in the week before the examination are fitted with a SECURE ID holder on their belts. This uses an electronic token which changes the pin every thirty seconds. Only children wearing the special belt are allowed into the eleven plus examination rooms. (The belts change place on ebay for around three thousand pounds. Look for eleven plus security.)

Authorities have one further use of technology. Naturally they use finger print technology. Every Eleven Plus examination room will have a finger print reader just inside the door. This is an important back up because some children may forget their belts or even send them through the wash.

So if your child arrives at an eleven plus examining centre this year and finger print technology is not in place then make sure you register an official complaint to the `Eleven Plus Ombudsman’.

We heard that good drivers can charge around five hundred pounds to take a driving test. To arrange for a `proxy’ eleven plus child is a lot more than that! You certainly don’t want to miss out!

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