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Monday, June 04, 2007

New Eleven Plus Trends

I was fascinated to read today about the Metyktire tribe who live in Brazil about 1200 miles north-west of Rio Janeiro. The tribe has about 87 members. We are not quite sure how many children there are.

I immediately started wondering when the major publishers of eleven plus papers would try to make contact with the tribe. What a coup it would be if the children who worked on the Bond papers did better than the children on the nferNELSON papers. I wonder if the children on the free download papers would be able to score higher marks than those children on the more expensive papers.

Information of this kind could change our approach to the eleven plus examinations for ever.

Here we have a group of children who have survived without having to learn to read or even learn tables. Very few of the children living in the Metyktire tribe will have heard about grammar schools. The great `Grammar School’ debate will have passed the families by.

Who knows – this tribe may, in time, force a change of fashion amongst mothers. The women of the tribe, we believe, shave the top of their heads.

It will be easy to see in the future which women have children of eleven plus age. If all the Metyktire children pass the eleven plus examination a new trend will emerge.

The eleven plus mothers will stand out in the playground by virtue of their shaven heads. What a pretty sight!

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