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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An Eleven Plus Letter

When Etc sends a report out to parents and children there is always a letter that is addressed to the child. Here is an example:

Dear William

Congratulations on these results. You have tried hard and done well. Continue to ask for help if you do not understand.

Communication with your parents is vitally important. You have to try to understand what they are saying to you. Be patient. Let them finish sentences and try not to interrupt what they are saying. A discussion about work is not the same as being `told off’.

You really do need to try to do some regular revision. You may have heard about some children who say they never do any work or revision. There are some exceptionally bright children who are able to pass examinations with little work – but most of us need to do some work.

Working through eleven plus papers can help. Don’t worry about timing in the early stages. When you are confident that you have covered most of the different types of question then you can put pressure on yourself and do some timed work.

Naturally you should wear and use your watch while you are working. If you use your watch while you are revising then you may decide to use your watch in the actual examination.

There some useful revision aids that you can purchase from a supplier or a local bookshop. Have a look, with your parents, at the various websites for information and availability.

This is a useful book. It is the Revision Guide called `Maths Key Stage 2’. The guide gives clear explanations of topics at the Key Stage 2 level.
There are:
* Worked examples
* A summary of key points to remember
* A test yourself section
* Illustrations and diagrams that help to make revision simple
* Tips for tests
ISBN 0-7217-0953-2 Price £3.95.

This is a very different approach from doing papers. This is a more deliberate preparation for the basics of the eleven plus examination. To use this book effectively you will need to read the examples. There are valuable clues on how to remember key points. You could work through the book systematically or cover each topic in turn.

Some topics that you meet on papers will not be in this book. If you do come across a topic that is not in the Revision Guide try to make sure you have notes that you can refer to. You will find it very difficult to revise a topic unless you have full notes and a worked example.

Sit quietly for a few minutes each day reading over the Revision Guide examples. Use the `Test Yourself’ section when you are confident.

Above all be patient with yourself and with your parents. When it looks as if your mother or father is getting worked up, try to set out to be pleasant. If you snarl at them they will need to respond.

This is not telling you to stop arguing. This letter is suggesting that you argue when you are sure that you are aright – and when you can back your argument up.

Enjoy this time. You are on a great adventure trail. Sometimes you will be right. Sometimes you will make mistakes. Just do your best when it counts. Good luck!

Yours sincerely


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