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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Many years ago public school boys were beaten – sometimes even in public. We all remember the beatings and bullying in Tom Browns Schooldays. The idea was: “I was beaten every day at school and it never did me any harm.”

I should imagine that there are very few parents today who would subscribe to their children being physically beaten for poor marks on a non verbal reasoning test. The idea that physical pain promotes learning is not very attractive.

What about the children who a not physically abused but are feel continually pressured about school work and passing examinations? In the year leading up to the eleven plus their lives are so conditioned to be responsible, hard working and dedicated that they can forget to leave time to be children.

The pressure may not come from the school and teacher.

The pressure may not come from the parents and other relations.

The pressure may not come from other children.

The pressure may simply be building up inside each child.

This is where we need to try to help to take the pressure off. We need to encourage methods of helping children to express their feelings and talk to their parents.

1. We could try to keep everything in its time and place. We could try to avoid any discussion on the eleven plus outside of `eleven plus work time’.
2. Help to develop a quiet zone where your child can not see piles of eleven plus files and work books.
3. Provide opportunities for lots of physical exercise.
4. Feed on lots of fruits and fish.

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