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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Games and the Eleven Plus

Wanted Games Player.

Our company is rather in a hurry. In order to satisfy the demands of our customers we need a games programmer.

We hope that over the years you have become used to playing games on your computer. You will therefore be aware of the need for games to be played over the internet, mobile phones, in arcades as well as on PCs and lap tops. With your background in playing games you will be able to satisfy the present insatiable demand for new and innovative products.

We hope that while you were working for your degree in computing, preferably a BSc., you will have been able to make time to keep up to date current changes in the industry. You must also be able to work as a team. Our young and exciting company is backed by the major players in the market.

It would also help if you had some working knowledge of games playing on the Mac – but more important will be some knowledge of the Mac’s operating system and memory requirements.

We will need to know something of your back ground too. It would be particularly interesting to us if you were involved in music. Our computer department has a need for a strong base player. A lead guitarist would also be a useful addition. You could bring your guitar to your interview.

Please tell us too about the breadth and depth of the activities you were able participate in while you were doing your Eleven Plus, the school examinations and then your degree course.

If you are ready for a unique challenge in a fast-paced environment you can find out more at

We are an equal opportunities and equal pay employer, EC nationals, and other nationals with eligibility to work in the UK, are welcome to apply.

P.S. In the interview you will be asked which games you played while you were doing your eleven plus examinations. Please have your answers ready.

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