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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Start On Time

Len Goodman was back in Gravesend today. He is the popular head judge of the hit T.V. show Strictly Come dancing. He has run dance studios in Gravesend and Dartford for many years.

He was up on a large stage set o the grass beside the River Thames. He was out to break the world record for the largest Salsa lesson. We understand that representatives from the Guinness Book of Records monitored the vent. A large television camera was certainly in evidence.

He started right on time. Let me repeat that he started right on time. He wanted over 600 people to beat the world record and landed up with 820.

His instructions were very simple.

“All the men face the river.

All the women face a man.

Men step forward with the left foot.

Women step back on the right.

The count is one to three.”
We rehearsed this a few times, He then told the men to step back with the right foot – to the rhythm four, five six.

By 7 minutes past six he had all 820 of us dancing to the beat. One last rehearsal and he was ready to set us in motion.

We had to repeat the steps and dance the Salsa for ten minutes to be able to create a record.

There were cheers and smiles as the even came to an end. We were world record holders for a moment in time.

So this gives us a very good eleven plus lesson.

Start with a well known and popular teacher.
Have an achievable goal.
Do a little teaching and then get on with. Don’t drag it out.

Oh yes, one more thing: Start on time!

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