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Friday, July 27, 2007

I wish I had worked harder at school.

For many of us the second big thing in our lives will the first ever Eurovision Dance Contest. This will take place at the BBC Television centre, London, on the Saturday the first of September.

Much more important than this will be the first ever `Eleven Plus Experience’. The format of this will be quite simple. Representatives from all the counties involved in the eleven plus tests will come to the Albert Hall to undergo two days of tests. There will be prizes for the `Top 3 Verbal Reasoning’ and `The Non Verbal Champion’ along with the prestigious `Eleven Plus Mathematics Star’ award. The `Good Citizen Prize’ will be awarded to the family who, in the opinion of the judges, have worked together peacefully and purposefully.

Naturally there are some key rules to bring some order to the proceeding:

County Colours

Children must wear the colours of their county. (Failing that free tops with hand written name tags will be handed out.) Children can be entered through parents or tutors. There is a special entry form for children who want to take part.


Adults are allowed into the assessment area only if accompanied by a named guard. Airport style scanners will be used to screen all children and adults. Anyone wearing the pin of the Secret 11+ Society will be fast tracked through the site.

Types 0

Preparation is simple for the `Country Wide Eleven Plus. The questions are aimed at the top two or three percent in the country. The children will be set tests covering verbal and non verbal reasoning and mathematics.

The children will also be expected to sit a `Good Citizen Eleven Plus Test’. Questions will be based around their own counties. The children could face questions on:

Good citizenship within the family. Not allowing hysteria to encompass all the family.
Background knowledge of the county.
Rights of children in relation to the amount of work needed before an examination.
Where children can find information about the tests and the examinations.
The changing role of people.

As the children finish their work will be scanned The work will be marked and graded within minutes Children from the top two counties will need to prepare for an eleven plus duel to see which county can be named the ” Eleven Plus County Champion”.
Parents and children can prepare for the test by downloading the study guide from the website: “” website.

You should attend if your answer is yes to any of the following?

Do you want to improve your performance and concentration?
Do you want to increase the level of your correct answers?
Do you want to have more understanding of examination technique?
Do you want to enter the examination feeling calm and confident?
Do you want to understand questions better?

Bookings and early payments can be made on the popular website:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Having just returned from the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show I felt you would be interested to know that we met a pig farmer staying in the same B&B as us. He was not just any pig farmer but an expert in his field and had been invited to the show to judge the various classes of pigs in the main ring competitions.

My only personal experience of judging pigs has been limited to the quality of the crackling on a good Sunday roast! However the pig judge soon enlightened me to the qualities of a really good breed of pig and how to judge this.

Apparently the pig's face must not be too fat. It must have a straight back and four good legs. Most importantly all fourteen teats must be present.

The pig judge stands in the centre of the main ring and the each farmer escorts his pig around the ring using a 'bat' and 'board'. The board is held in the left hand and is used to guide the pig while the small bat, held in the right hand,is used to encourage him along his way.

It did not take me long to realise that the eleven plus examinations are very similar to these pig rearing competitions. Just as the pig needs to demonstrate certain qualities and favourable attributes, so too do the young children who enter the 11 plus examinations. Of course I'm not talking about how fat their faces are or how good their legs are. What I mean is that they need to demonstrate, for excample, an abilty for clear logical thought, to know how to tackle an 11 plus question with confidence, have the ability to see relationships and to work quickly and so on.

The board used by the farmer is rather like the 11 plus tutor who must show the child which way to go and the bat is like the child's parents who must support and encourage him along his way.

Thank you for your interesting and informative articles which have helped me to see so many relationships between life and the eleven plus!

Best wishes,

Paul Wright.