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Monday, July 16, 2007

Peace of Mind

When pupils and students enter examinations today the routine question asked of every candidate is: “Are you carrying you mobile phone?” This is usually shortened to: “Mobile phone?”

The reply is occasionally given in the form of shortened grunt.

The next must have accessory for candidates for the eleven plus examination is going to be the money belt. We carry all sorts of things in our money belts – money, passports, documents and other valuables. To stop the notes getting mixed up with other paper work many money bags also contain a money clip.

Money clips are sometimes made out of a metal like silver and gold – or even titanium. It is possible to be the proud possessor of a set of matching money clips – one for notes and the other for credit cards.

The whole point of a money belt and a money clip is safety of mind. As you slip your belt on you attain a wonderful state of consciousness. You know your money and your valuables are going to be safe. You feel good.

So to help your child feel powerful and strong when they enter the eleven examination make sure they too are wearing a money belt and that they are carrying a money clip. You never know. This could make all the difference in the examination.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of giving my child a money clip before taking his 11 plus. Not only will I be able to impress upon him the sense of confidence this may bring but I also plan to put a £10 note in the clip as an incentive to do well. I don't see this as a bribe but a significant 'reward' for his efforts and a powerful symbol of the financial freedom that can be achieved through a worthwhile education. Why shouldn't educational achievement be rewarded in this way? My moto has always been "The harder I work the more money I earn" and I certainly like the idea of a money belt or clip to reinforce this concept. Thank you for the interesting thought today!

Anonymous said...

My Mum used to give me a tickey for each tin can of stones I collected from the lawn but school work was seen as a duty. In today's world linking financial reward to academic effort gives the child immediate and powerful reinforcement. Skinner would surely have approved of £10 in a clip as a form of conditioning.

Anonymous said...

Please Sir,

What is a tickey?

Thank you.