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Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Happy Eleven Plus Story

Mrs. J. walked up to the stand we were running at the Danson Show in Bexleyheath.

Her son did some eleven plus work with us some years ago.

Mrs. J. thanked us for the work we did with him. He is the final year of his studies and so is very nearly qualified as a Doctor.

We hope he goes on to have a happy and successful career as a Doctor.

Dr. J. must have demonstrated great drive and dedication to reach this point. His ability too must have paid a very big part in the long journey.

His parents too will have offered him so many opportunities. This would include far more than the lessons but also unconditional help and support over the years.

His grandparents may also have been given the chance to make a massive contribution to his education and well being. Their pride and joy will have eased his path on many occasions.

We must look too other relatives. The values of the family will have helped to condition and train him – and help him to understand the importance of a good education.

We know too that on his journey through school he will have met gifted and involved teachers and head teachers.

When he finally arrived at university and started his medical studies his lecturers and medical school must have given him support and encouragement.

The eleven plus just marks a starting point for rest of his education.

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