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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Parents and The Eleven Plus

There was another fascinating story into today’s Telegraph by the Education Editor, Liz Lightfoot. She was discussing research by Mr. Gilleard who heads a Graduate Recruitment firm.

The argument goes that some employers use psychometric tests to assess a candidate's ability or personality.

It seems that some companies recruiting graduates are also interested in the elements that make up a current 11+ Selection test – a bit of mathematics as well as verbal and non verbal reasoning.

Results of An Interview for a job as `London Olympics Transport Manager’
Parents of children writing their eleven plus examinations will be able to do extremely well when they try to change jobs because they will have had a wonderful refresher course in the basics of numerical and abstract reasoning – and with some verbal and non verbal work.

“I see from your C.V. that you have worked as a senior engineer on the London Underground. All very interesting. More important you state that you are working with your child on a full blown eleven plus course. Is this true?

Which type of eleven plus questions do you have most difficulty with?

On which questions is your child faster and more accurate?

Do you ever have to ask your spouse for help with any particular types of even plus questions?

What time of day do you and your child sit down to work on eleven plus papers?

Have you ever found that working towards the eleven plus has caused you, or your family, any stress?

Do you feel complacent about your child’s chances of success in the examinations?

By the way, do you know the name of a good tutor?

New courses will spring up all over the country when parents and children can work together. Parents and children will be coached in eleven plus interview type questions.

As you leave for your interview your eleven year old will shout after you:

“Remember to keep calm. When you come to talk about non verbal reasoning don’t forget to tell your interviewer what you are good at. Don’t only mention that you can not do `series'. Good luck. Do your best. That is all we can ask for as a family. Just do your best – we will love you if you get the job and will love you if you are rejected for the Olympics job."

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