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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

11+ Mothers

A mother mentioned today that she thought she would `put her child in' for a number of Eleven Plus examination.

The first examination would be `as a trial'.

The second examination would be the `real examination'

The other two would be backup tests.

Two of the mathematics examinations are multiple choice.

One examination has a story which is not marked. (Unless it is needed.)

In a different Eleven Plus examination the English is marked.

All four examinations do verbal reasoning. Two with multiple choice and two traditional answers.

Fortunately the `Eleven Plus Candidate' is a bright boy - and should enjoy the challenge.

He will write in four different locations.

If he passes one of the Authority Eleven Plus examinations he will be allowed to appeal to try to reach the school of his choice - even if he has already sat the examination and not passed.

Now most mothers have quite busy days. On top of looking after the family, the spouse, a job and serving as an unpaid taxi driver the poor mum has to try to keep everything in her head. Examination dates, transport problems, extra lessons, horse riding, drama, cricket, and Irish Dancing all have to be satisfied and classified.

We wish the family well.

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