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Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Eleven Plus Examinations

"Have you got your phone, dear?"

"Yes mum."

"Is it fully charged?"

Yes thank you mum."

"Did your sister give you back your sim card?"

"Yes thank you mum."

"You are not on pay as you go. You are on a new contract so you take your time over the answers. Don't rush!"

"Yes mum."

Conversations like this will be taking place all over England when a radical change is made to the Eleven Plus examinations. Children will be tested through their mobile phones. They won't need to sit in stiff rows answering questions. They will be able to `chill' and do their examinations in comfort. Many boys and girls will love the challenge of the new technology.

Eleven Plus standards will rise. Grammar schools will benefit.


Because a lecturer has found a new way of communicating with his students. We can use this leap in technology to force through much needed changes to the way the Eleven Plus examinations are administered.

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