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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Eleven Plus and the Psychologist

If your daughter showed precocious athletic talent aged nine it is very likely that you would, at some stage, turn to a sports psychologist for help and advice.

You would want the psychologist to help your child to relax and focus – and really pay attention.

You may agree to your child engaging in other forms of exercise – like Andy Murray did very recently with yoga. He was, we are told, aiming at strength and direction. Before that he had attended an academy in Spain to hone and develop his skills.

The wonderful little Laura Robson who won the Wimbledon Junior Girls title had been coached when she was nine years old by Jo Durie. Over the years Laura must have had the best possible preparation.

So here are some of the components of future Eleven Plus champions:

If you feel you need extra help, find best possible teacher who can relate to your child.

Be prepared for you, and your child, to move out of your comfort zone.

Recognise your child’s strengths and weaknesses – and accept them.

Keep smiling and cheering and offer lots of praise even when all seems to be going down hill. After all your child may, at times, be able to fight back.

If some one other than you appears to understand your child better than you – listen and use what you need for your on-going relationship with your child.

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