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Monday, July 21, 2008

Group Tests and the Eleven Plus

Most of the children are writing Eleven Plus examinations will be writing in a group setting Some children will be in their own school. Other children could be at a variety of venues including the local grammar school, the Authority headquarters and sometimes, a different primary school.

Some children will have the advantage of sitting the examination with their own peer group – while others will be working with strangers in an unfamiliar environment.

Some children will relish the idea of a new setting – because they will be pleased to show just what they can do. Others will be less sure of the physical surroundings.

Before the children go into the examination the test will have been standardised and validated on a large number of children. All children, therefore, will be offered the same set of written and oral instructions.

The reliability of the test can only be questioned if the physical circumstances are vastly different from one group of children to another.

Group tests are naturally going to be less accurate than a test administered on a one to one or more personal basis.

Talk to your child – explain what you think will happen in the actual examination room or hall.

Discuss the toilet facilities.

Explain that even in a group setting, with unfamiliar children all around, that it is essential that your child asks for help if there is a problem. There will be little help once the examination is under way – but your child should ask if he or she does not know exactly what to do.

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