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Friday, July 25, 2008

Eleven Plus Learning

The house is quiet.

The television is off.

The siblings are involved in something or other.

A parent sits down with an Eleven Plus child.

The very bright and highly motivated child does not seem to understand. Oh dear! Emergency! Think of hiring a tutor. Phone the partner. Consider a little parental temper tantrum. Call in reinforcements. Oh dear!

It may help to remember that the way an adult learns is different to the way a child learns.

An adult is able to rely on prior knowledge.

An adult is able to rely on previous experience.

An adult may think that the method that is being used to explain to the child should be easily understood.

An adult may have a set attitude towards learning.

So the parent must say:

“Oh dear – I must remember that to understand this, my child needs information.”

“Oh dear – My child has no previous experience of this. How can I help?”

“Perhaps my method may not be the best.”

“I need to be a little more flexible.”

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