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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eleven Plus Promises

Sometimes you may have the feeling that your child is working passively. This is when you realise that your child is simply waiting for instructions and information.

You may feel that all you are doing is repeating your instructions – but your child does not really understand what you are saying – or even making an effort to understand.

You notice the yawns and the: “I am so bored with this work. Please can I do this later when I am not so tired?”

You hear the challenging sentiment of: “Mum, do I really have to do this work? You know I can do non verbal reasoning. You know I am better than you at non verbal.”

You say to yourself that enough is enough. You call a family meeting. Decisions are made. You write down the outcomes. Your Eleven Plus child will maintain the following precepts:

I promise to be more involved in what I am learning.

I will try harder to listen to what you are saying.

I will never again eat chocolate just before I am due to do some work.

I will make sure that I concentrate on my work. I will not argue that I need music or the T.V. on when I am working.

I will try to avoid having a short break every few minutes to check on what is happening in the rest of the world.

If you actually are right, I promise that I will acknowledge that, and try not to argue.

I will try hard to do my work when it is convenient to the rest of the family.

I will remember to say: “Thank You”.

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