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Monday, July 28, 2008

Eleven Plus and Examination Traditions

I have a `First Impression” copy of the book `Hearts not Heads in the School’ by AS Neil. It was published in 1945 with the warning: THIS BOOK IS PRODUCED IN COMPLETE CONFORMITY WITH THE AUTHORISED ECONOMY STANDARDS.”

He was publishing ideas on education around the time that early thought on Eleven Plus examinations were being formulated.

On Page 40 he writes:

I grant that, owing to our iniquitous examination system, most children are compelled to develop the head at the expense of the emotions and the body, but I am taking it for granted that in the school of tomorrow the child will not be ruled by the old men who keep up the examination tradition.”

The school of tomorrow has arrived. To some bright children the Eleven Plus is still an `iniquitous examination system’.

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