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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bond and Etc

An exciting moment in our lives!

Today we announce a significant new partnership between the Bond arm of Nelson Thornes and the Extra Tuition Centre. Bond is the leading provider of books and materials for the Eleven Plus. The Extra Tuition Centre provides lessons and courses for children. Bond’s decision to work with the Extra Tuition Centre is a reflection on both parties determination to provide the best possible learning platform for children.

A key element of the partnership is the provision of bundled Bond papers to compliment the Eleven Plus Courses offered by the Extra Tuition Centre.

Bond’s marketing director, Claire Johnstone, said “Bond books have been widely respected and much loved by parents for many years. All of us at Bond are committed to providing the best possible support to parents and children in the lead up to the Eleven Plus.”

The Extra Tuition Centre offers regionalised intensive three day courses in a number of Eleven Plus locations. The courses cover the key topics – and are tailor made to accommodate the requirements of particular grammar schools. Parents are able to book a course secure in the knowledge that the work their children will do will be relevant.

Mrs Bridget Busfield, from the Extra Tuition Centre, who has organised thousands of Eleven Plus holiday courses for children said, “Children often come on a course and are excited to learn just how well they can do – and want to carry their new confidence into tackling new books, papers and exercises. The link with Bond enables us to provide a service that will allow children to approach the examination with increased confidence.”

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