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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eleven Plus Cramming

On the BBC website there is a remarkably cheerful discussion on last minute cramming. Naturally all parents will have different views on last minute learning. Some will swear by it and others will recount horror stories.

John Hand was studying for an A Level Italian examination and looked at the value of last minute study. He reviewed work by a Mr. O'Brian who has written books on how to pass examinations.

Perhaps parents can do a similar exercise with their eleven plus children

1. Read the information - and try to commit it to memory.

To find 10%, divide by 10.

2. Go over the same information again 24 hours later.

To find 10% divide by 10

3. Revise it a week later.

To find 10% divide by 10.

4. Return to the same topic after a month.

To find 10% divide by 10.

Of course you may need to revise how to divide by 10 as you go along - but the repetition should help to consolidate what has to be remembered.

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