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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Soft Approach to the Eleven Plus

A little, very bright, eight years old wrote a story using a much loved technique. Her mum then asked what she needed to do to help her daughter to pass the eleven plus. This brought to mind the writing style adopted by the girl. To help your child to pass the eleven plus you need to think SOFT.


Keep in close contact, when possible, with you child’s class teacher.

Try to have some continuous communication with the Head Teacher.

Other Parents

Learn from parents who have children who have passed through the eleven plus experience.

Talk and listen to your contemporaries. From them you will learn the latest techniques and ideas.


Engage your family in the process – don’t try to slay all the dragons by your self.

Ask and even demand support and help. It is vital not to feel isolated.


If you have a tutor then communicate. Offer your ideas and describe what you would like to happen.

If you have decided to go without a tutor – then trust your instincts and don’t panic towards the end. Above all do not berate yourself wonder if you did the right thing by not employing a tutor.

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