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Saturday, May 02, 2009

An Open Eleven PLus Letter

Dear Eleven Pluser

Thank you for coming to your lesson today. You worked really hard and it was pleasure to see you solving problems in such an enthusiastic manner. You found the verbal reasoning really easy.

Those mathematics examples on Pie Charts are difficult – but you coped very well. I liked the way you asked for help when you did not understand.

I know that you don’t always feel like working at home on your eleven plus papers with your mother.

You can argue about clothes, food, bed time and make up – but not about work.

Work is something you just have to do.

Pick a fight about anything at all in the world but leave eleven plus work out of it.

Don’t argue before you do your eleven plus work because your work will suffer. Save all your feelings for afterwards.

Good luck – and talk to someone. Don’t bottle everything up. You must talk – especially to your mother who loves you very much. Your mother just wants to help you to do the best you can.

Once again – good luck.

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