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Monday, May 11, 2009

Eleven Plus Expense Claims

I have read five different newspapers and listened to as many news casts as possible - to try to find the first reference to a subject dear to all of our hearts.

We know that various members of the cabinet and the shadow cabinet have been `outed’. We believe that there are further revelations yet to come. Perhaps one day there will be full accountability – and clear evidence.

Of course it is obvious what the search has been about.

We all want to be the first to find the first evidence that Members of Parliament have been claiming expenses for the eleven plus.


To Preparation of said child for the Eleven Plus:

1. Selected selection Eleven plus Books 34.98
2. Tutor 678.65
3, Stress and counselling for parents 345.89

By now you will see that the devil lies in the detail. By itemising the pence column the claim will gain authenticity.

Please tell all of us if you do hear anything on this subject.

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