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Friday, May 29, 2009

An Eleven Plus Winner

We heard this week about a wonderful girl who has won a place in a local grammar school. She is still with us and works with immense dedication and concentration. The family always thought that they would earn a place in the end. Good luck to the girl and her family.

The European golf is on this weekend – and like thousands others we have tickets for Sunday. It is sure to be a wonderful occasion. The weather will be good and the golf will be fascinating.

I was there, with my daughter Bridget, on the day Greg Norman did so well in the Open at Sandwich some years ago.

Faldo and Langer were playing fantastic golf. Faldo hit four birdies – while Langer and Norman each managed seven birdies. I can remember the Norman’s eighteenth hole as if it was yesterday. The `Shark’ hit a fantastic drive that landed up right in the middle of the fairway – about two hundred yards from the hole. He then took a four iron out of his bag. There was complete silence. He swung easily and landed up about 15 feet from the hole.

We all crowded forward. He putted. The crowd cheered and cheered. Faldo was beaten at a time when he was the best player in the world. You will recall Faldo’s incredible achievements from all his victories – but Greg Norman, the Shark, won on the day.

At the time Greg Norman had played the best final round ever to win the Open. He had the lowest ever winning score. The Sandwich links course was highly demanding. He beat Langer and Faldo.

When Greg Norman won in such a dramatic manner the whole golfing world was in awe. No one thought he was arrogant. He did not claim to have mastered the course. He paid respect to the demanding conditions and the quality of the competition.

When the girl reaches grammar school she won’t be arrogant. She knows that she has beaten other good girls. She will respect the traditions of the grammar school and we can fully expect her to do her best. Golfers often maintain that the feeling they get when they hit a sweet four iron is comparable to any other sensation in the world. Norman must have felt good as he walked up to the final green. I bet our girl will feel wonderful as she steps inside the grammar school on the first day of the new school year.

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