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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eleven Plus Diets

Geri Halliwell, in her account `Just for the Record’, explained how she prepared for Brits – where it was likely that she would be offered an award. She had done all the preparation, written and recorded the song she hoped would win and seen the fruits of her labours selling and selling.

She then had the problem of the lead up to the Brits. She had been on the Atkins diet where she had eaten little but turkey slices. She really wanted to look slim so she then went on a three day fast of maple syrup and water.

She was in the process of shooting a new video where she had to learn to tap dance and perfect a pole dance routine. Her body rebelled and she woke up one night to eat and eat piles of cookies.

As your daughter approaches the eleven plus examination don’t suddenly change the routine and expect her to behave in a new and unrehearsed manner.

Keep the doing odd sections of questions.

Don’t worry about full papers in the last few days before the examination – unless your daughter has not done any at all.

Offer a diet that she enjoys – and no sudden changes.

Maintain a relaxed attitude to exercise.

Geri made it in the end – and we hope your daughter does too!

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