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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eleven Plus Day Dreams

What happens when your child appears to be day dreaming instead of knuckling down to do a paper?

When a child is very young, and has not had the opportunity to build a comprehensive construct of the world, then he or she may slip into a make believe world. In early day dreams it does not really matter that make believe can be far removed from fact.

When we watch a young child play we can see games that seem to be verging on fantasy. Some children grow into adults – and fantasy still plays a large part in their lives. The advent of technology has opened up the opportunities for games and delving into fantasy land where stimulation is part of a computer generated game.

An old fashioned theory is that boys prefer adventure and girls romance – but this may not be true of all of our eleven plus boys and girls. It is far more likely that our bright eleven plus children have matured to such an extent that they are able to appreciate the relationship between fantasy and the real world.

What does play a big part in make believe is the desire for ambitious success that is largely unattainable. This may or may not be a large part of the fantasy world of the eleven plus.

Fantasy One
A child dreaming of passing the eleven plus, making the parents happy, bringing glory to the school and `going to grammar’.

Fantasy Two
A mother dreaming of having two children at grammar school. The dream would enter the world of fantasy because the second child is far more likely to be a famous golfer than a studious academic.

Fantasy Three
A grand parent dreaming of winning the National Lottery and being able to give the family lots of money so that the children can move to a large house near to the grammar school and being able to provide the grand children with every eleven plus opportunity.

Fantasy Four
A school teacher hoping that the extra input from all the eleven plus work will help her pupil to reach Level 5 in the SATs.

If your child does seem to drift off into a day dream – all you can hope it is the right one hard work, no answering back, lots of papers, passing, grammar, university, family and support for you when you are old and infirm. (Don’t interrupt the day dream in case you break the chain. After all, `It could be you that is left out of the dream!’)

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