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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A different Eleven Plus

"Top of the Form" first came on the air in the spring of 1948 when boys from twelve London Grammar Schools engaged in contests to test their wits and knowledge.

In 1949 the scope of the competition was enlarged to include girls.

There was a range of ages - and a wide collection of questions:

A sleeper is a person who is asleep. What other meaning does it have?

After whom is a policeman called a Bobby?

What kind of a Jack repairs towers and high structures?

Complete the following: Between you me and the .....

What kind of animal was White Fang?

Which King of England was knows as `The Hammer of the Scots"?

What does `Llan' (as in Llandudno) mean?

What is another name for a tailless cat?

Why do savages listen with their ears to the ground?

What is special feature of a Paul Jones dance?

If questions like these were included in the Eleven Plus we would enjoy a much wider breadth of questions. Some children would also arrive in grammar school with a lot more general knowledge.

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