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Friday, August 07, 2009

Eleven Plus Tests

How do you help your child to better in the eleven plus examinations?

A fortunate few parents and children will feel that the eleven plus is there to be passed. The parents will maintain that if their child passes then their child is destined to pass. Some parents will maintain that their child does not need any significant extra work. They are the lucky parents. They must also have very able children.

Other parents will simply want their children to do as well as possible. These parents have the potential to be extremely realistic about the prospects of passing, but still tell their child to do the best they can.

Other parents, for one reason or another, will rely on last minute drilling. They will try to isolate the work their child needs – and then offer as much help as possible. They hope that when their child sees an eleven plus problem all the lights will flash, the wheels will turn and the penny will drop.

When children do not achieve high scores on eleven plus tests some parents take it philosophically – other children seem to fear the reaction of their parents.

Naturally every child – and every parent - is a kaleidoscope of shifting colours, emotions, fears and strength. Some children will embrace tests, others will fear the test as well as the outcome.

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