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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Special Eleven Plus Children

From the beginning of time teachers have been revered for their knowledge. The eleven plus teacher has knowledge as his or her stock in trade.

A primary school teacher needs to know about a range of subjects – whereas in a secondary school the teachers need more in depth knowledge. The eleven plus teacher needs knowledge about the curriculum and the examination.

Some teachers see themselves at teachers of a subject – and others as teachers of children. For some teachers there is no real difference between the roles.

The eleven plus examination places a strain on tutors – because there is an examination at the end of a period of study. The eleven plus tutor has to maintain high standards as well achieve a high pass rate among pupils.

Eleven plus tutors, parents and the children are bound together by a need for reciprocal communication. The tutor has the power because of his or her knowledge of the examination. The parent has the power because of the knowledge that they control the purse strings. The child has the power because he or she can decide weather or not to work hard towards the examination. Eleven plus children have a certain status – and some children trade on the knowledge that they are the special ones. And these children are quite right. They are indeed the special ones.

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