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Monday, August 17, 2009

Eleven Plus Support

The journey towards the eleven plus examinations for some children is tortuous. In the examination it must be possible for two candidates to work though the same set of questions – and answer them in the same way and yet still land up with different results. Most eleven plus candidates will have some characteristics in common. They will also have some differences.

Just because two candidates set out on the same journey they wil part in time and go their own separate ways.

Parents will want their child to work as honestly as possible. Honest work for some, however, will man something very different to other families.

A further factor that will affect performance is the mood of the child. A willing and motivated child will, we hope, work better than a disillusioned and hostile candidate.

Some child will make a point of reading the instructions carefully – and the question itself at least twice. Other children will look at the answers and pick out the bits of the questions that seem to fit the answers.

Not all children, in the end, will go through all the same papers and exercises. Some children may crave the more difficult exercises while others will wish for an easier life.

Some children will have better comprehension skills than others. These children will be clearly advantaged.

And finally – some children will enjoy supportive, involved and interested parents.

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