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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eleven Plus Examinations

We understand from newspaper reports that children are finding `GCSE’, `A’ Level and Baccalaureate examinations easier and easier. Every now and then a report comes out which maintains that school leavers can not write good English or manipulate simple arithmetic problems.

The Eleven Plus examinations are closely prescribed. The content of many of the current papers and questions that our children work through is remarkably similar. Some areas even boast of a restricted number of questions.

It may be possible for a child to pass the eleven plus, and earn good GCSE and `A’ grades – and still land up at university with a low English standard. This feat could be achieved by the pupil writing a `pass’ GCSE English paper and then avoiding English papers during the `A’ levels.

We get the eleven plus examinations we deserve - and presumably want.

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