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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Multiple Choice Eleven Plus Questions

Most of our eleven plus papers are presented in a multiple choice format. The children are offered alternative answers. The great advantage to the examiner is that a large number of questions can be set. This is turn ensures that a wide range of subjects can be covered. Most multiple choice tests seem to demand a high number of questions - within quite tight time limits.

In straight forward multiple choice questions there is a stem or header. This followed by a series of suggestions - and one answer is correct.

In other types of multiple choice questions the eleven plus children will be asked match statements. Here your child could be asked to find a statement that is correct - and abandon questions that a partially correct or even false.

Other eleven plus questions demand a statement, phrase or sentence to be completed.

You need to remind your child that unless he or she is expressly told other wise, there is usually only one correct answer.

Mention too the need to mark the answer sheet neatly and correctly. Remind your child to really listen when the invigilator is giving instructions.

Point out the need to complete as many questions as possible.

Empower your child to guess when necessary.

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