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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eleven Plus Reading

Reading is a whole lot more than phonic analysis and the ability to recognise words. Reading also involves comprehension – and this in turn implies understanding the meaning of the text.

When you and your child sit down together to start learning to read your child is using language and concepts that are already familiar. Parents put a lot of time into helping their child to read as sound early reading plays a crucial part in education. Bit by bit parents start to recognise that free reading enables their child to be free a parent’s patience and availability.

Free reading offers an introduction to new words and concepts. Parents will start to find that they have less control over what their children read.

In eleven plus terms, learning to read is learning to learn. Eleven plus reading is far more than reading and understanding questions.

Somewhere in the busy life of an eleven plus family there needs to be time for reading. Of course parents will want their eleven plus child to read – but some will also want music and drama lessons, sport, dance and a hundred and one other activities. Add to this homework from a diligent teacher at school, along with eleven plus work, and there is little time for your child to sit and read for pleasure.

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