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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Eleven Plus Points

You are a prospective parent - and would like to send your child to grammar school. Not just any grammar school - but one that would be right for your child. You have read the prospectus and live fairly near to the school. Your sister's child is happy at the school - but will have been there for three years before your child attends.

It is the evening of the open day. You have attended one of the head's talks and are on the way to the science block. Your child loves science. You meet the head, by chance in the corridor. The head stops, smiles and asks you if you have any questions.

The first thing that comes to mind, and you really don't know why, is: "Does your school run a second hand shop?"

You listen to the answer - and suddenly another thought pops into your mind. "Are all the mathematics teachers qualified to teach mathematics?"

You listen to a comprehensive answer. You thank the head and turn away. Your child suddenly rushes after the head and asks a further question. You can not hear the question because your child is facing the head - and not you.

The head smiles and answers. Your child returns beaming.

You ask: "What did you ask the head?"

Your child child smiles and pulls you towards the science room.

Why not ask your child what question he or she would ask the head of a grammar school?

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