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Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 Eleven Plus Tips

I was asked today for some ideas to suggest to a bright eleven plus child who is writing in the next few days:

1. Take your time on questions. Do not try to rush. Adopt a measured approach.
2. As soon as the examination starts try to stay calm. You want to complete the paper – but do not want to finish twenty minutes early.
3. Read the questions as many times as you need to understand them.
4. Follow the instructions in the questions. If you see the word NOT then re-read the question carefully.
5. You do not have to answer the questions in order. If you get struck on a section leave the difficult question – try the others then come back if you have time.
6. Don’t get too bogged down on a question.
7. Check your answer by doing the question again – if you have time.
8. In multiple choice questions eliminate answers that simply can not be correct.
9. Make sure that you are writing a sensible answer.
10. If a question is about units of measurement – make sure you think carefully about your answer.

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